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"You can be assured that I will always have a good word for your products whenever an opportunity presents itself. I am a fan!"


I've been using it 5 hours a day for the last five months. It was
5" when I started - now it is 6.5" and still growing. My erections are stronger, harder, longer lasting and my orgasms and ejaculations are now more intense. Very satisfied!

I've been using your product for 4 months now. I've increased my length from 2 inches to nearly 6 inches. My girlfriend loves the results, but she doesn't know what I do. She thinks it's natural. Your product has saved my sex life!

I've been using it for 6 months and am happy to confirm that all is well and improving my peyronies condition month by month. Had a bend of 30 degrees when I started, which is now 15 degrees, so delighted with the results. 

I had a similar experience, I have a girlfriend that I meet occasionaly (every two or three months). The total gain is now 1,5 cm (I dont use it everyday) and she told me: "I think that it is bigger today..."

My girlfriend just loves it and always trying to get me hard wherever we are just so she can feel it. Before starting l measured at 8 inches long and 6 inches girth, my plan is to acheive another 2 inches and half an inch girth.

After about a year's usage I'm now reaching 8" flaccid and am aiming for 10.25" inches erect based on my present glans size and the size of the unit; given that my growth is optimal. Again, very satisfied with the device.